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You'll enjoy the open road even more when you don't have to think about coverage for yourself, your passengers or your investment.

  • If you're in an accident or your motorcycle is stolen, you'll want coverage.
  • If you or a passenger is injured in an accident, you'll want coverage.
  • If your motorcycle is responsible for damage or injury to others, you'll want coverage.
  • And hey, your motorcycle is one of your prized possessions. It deserves special protection!

Determining the right coverage takes a careful conversation with a knowledgable agent. Consider how much you can afford to pay if your motorcycle is in an accident or stolen. Don't forget to ask about the cost savings if you raise your deductible. Review how much medical and liability coverage you should have. And select an insurance company that has a good reputation for customer service and fair claims processing.

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Tips for the cost-conscious rider
Many factors affect the cost of your insurance premiums, including your age, your driving record, where you live, the type of motorcycle you own, and being a graduate of a rider-training course.

Many companies offer 10-15% discounts on motorcycle insurance for graduates of training courses, such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) rider course. Riders under the age of 25 (usually considered a higher risk) may see some savings by taking this course. It's also a good idea for cyclists who have already had accidents.

Maintaining a good driving record with no violations will help reduce your premiums. 

In many cases, riders can save money with "lay-up" policies, where all coverage except comprehensive is suspended during winter months. 

Ask if your policy offers multibike discounts, organization discounts (if you're a member of a motorcycle association), mature rider discounts, or others. 

Keep in mind that the type, style (for example, sport bike vs. cruiser) and age of the motorcycle, as well as the number of miles you drive and where you store your bike, may affect how much you pay for your premium.

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